Highly effective products that combine the best of the plants with innovative research.
Phyto therapy
Aroma therapy
Body care
nature and science
the JUST development principle
The JUST development principle guarantees maximum effectiveness through active plant ingredients in combination with the latest findings from science and cosmetics research. In this way, tried-and-tested plant ingredients are used in a com- pletely new way in JUST products, in improved and more effective forms, in order to support beauty, health and wellbeing even more effectively.
The right quantities and combination of ingredients make the difference and guarantee high-quality, effective and safe cosmetic products in tried-and-tested JUST quality.
JUST develops and distributes a wide range of products for body-care or skincare – they all ensure wellbeing, beauty and health. Whether the customer is looking for face, body, hand, foot or hair care, or a certain line such as Edelweiss, Mallow or San'Active – one thing is common to all JUST products: the outstandingly high Swiss quality and effectiveness. In addition, JUST products appeal because they go a long way and are long-lasting. Thanks to their high concentration and purity, they can be used sparingly and are highly effective.
The JUST cosmetics with a medicinal aspect include highly effective products based on plants and herbs aimed at being a significant solution to health issues.
quality control
We fulfil our Swiss quality promise through exacting quality management and thereby meet our own strict standards and the needs of our customers. We not only comply with international standards, we exceed these – so that JUST products are always of the highest Swiss quality and effectiveness.
modern: processing
We produce at our own production facilities in Switzerland, which guarantees consistent high
quality. This is also supported by an array of modern production equipment and individual control of production process by quality-conscious staff. In addition, significant investment in research and development, in careful cultivation control and in the development of our production helps to keep JUST products always up to date.
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