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About brand

The BABOR philosophy is that self-confidence and a sense of happiness directly depend on how beautiful we feel in our skin and how comfortable we feel in it.

That's why the BABOR brand carries the idea of choosing and achieving MORE, through the MOST effective formulas, professional advice and the selection of individual treatment systems.

BABOR relies on more than 60 years of skin-care expertise made in Germany: all research, development and production activities take place exclusively at the company headquarters in Aachen. Therefore, every product from the idea to the finished jar represents a promise of quality and stands for science, precision and effect.

  • SPA
60+ years
of industry expertise
50 м3
liters of hydrophilic oil HY-ÖL /year
70 countries
distributors worldwide
100 000+
skincare experts
50 mio.
ampoules /year
For BABOR, beauty isit is individuality
The art of precise skincare. Individual approach.

Beauty is something very personal. Because your skin is as individual as your fingerprint.That’s why every BABOR beauty treatment is an extraordinary experience that combines high-performance ingredients with an intense pampering effect. Precisely tailored to client’s needs.

BABOR is an invitation to strong women to show their strength and get the best of themselves. Because it is the brand’s conviction that every woman is the best version of herself when she feels beautiful, well-groomed and comfortable in her skin. More than 100.000 skincare experts invite you.

Research and innovation. Development and production.

BABOR is focused on developing precise formulas for maximum effect. They are based on active ingredients, perfectly matched to achieve the best results and reveal your individual beauty. The entire development and production process is carried out in the BABOR laboratories in Aachen, which guarantees original German quality.

Philosophy of sustainable development. Sustainable products.

For a family company now managed by its third generation of owners, sustainable production and development is part of the corporate philosophy. The green development plan includes 3 priority areas: reducing CO2 emissions, changing packaging and ingredients. 100% of BABOR products are carbon neutral.

Heritage and history

The history of BABOR began in 1956 with a bold idea of ​​a biochemist
Michael Babor, who began his development right in his kitchen in Cologne.

Already that distant year, he wrote a significant chapter in the history of beauty, presenting an innovative development - hydrophilic oil for cleansing HY-ÖL.
Today, after six decades, this legendary product remains one
from BABOR bestsellers.

As a pioneer in professional skin care, BABOR sets the standard in cosmetic research and continues to move forward.

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