Unleashing nature’s excellence — since 1930
About brand

Natural, pure, safe, effective: with almost 90 years in the market, Just is considered a worldwide pioneer in herbal wellness therapy. It is a family owned business still anchored in the mountains of Walzenhausen, Switzerland. Just products are based on wellness recipes that use ancestral practices with medicinal herbs to meet daily needs.

We believe in sustainability and high-quality products — now and in the future.

We believe in being personable and direct — with customers and business partners.

We practice transparency, honesty and authenticity.

  • herbal therapy
  • emotional & physical well-being
  • aromatherapy
  • skin & body care
90 years
leader in phyto and aromatherapy
35 countries
distributors worldwide
28 mio.
product units /year
kinds of raw materials
120 000
Just specialists globally
High quality

100% made in Switzerland

Essentially, JUST products derive from the inexhaustible plant world of Switzerland. All research, development and production takes place in a factory equipped to the highest standards. For over 90 years, products have been produced in the village of Walzenhausen, where the brand was born thus the “Made in Switzerland” quality mark in all JUST products.


cultivation & harvest

Only natural plant substances from agricultural sources in Switzerland, where cultivation takes place in controlled areas and in full compliance with environmental requirements. In terms of harvesting, we ensure only the best ingredients are selected with proven efficacy.



Our own production facilities in Switzerland guarantee consistent high quality as it is supported by an array of modern production equipment and individual control of the production process which helps keep JUST products always up to date.


quality control

JUST products are always of the highest quality and effectiveness where we exceed international standards by meeting our strict standards and the needs of customers.



Our quality seal on each package underscores the positive JUST characteristics. “Original — since 1930” is the quality promise that guarantees that the item is an original JUST product.


direct sales

The JUST brand is presented personally to the customer by direct contact combined with thorough and competent advice. Thus, meeting JUST customer’s high expectations at all times.

Heritage and history

The history of JUST dates to 1930 when Ulrich Jüstrich returned to Switzerland and founded a company with a natural approach to well-being and health, using the beneficial effects of nature in harmony with human body.

The history of JUST reflects the dynamism, the sense of responsibility, the joy of innovation and the future orientation of a forward-looking entrepreneurial family.

Years later, JUST earned worldwide prestige and today, JUST products are sold in more than 35 countries around the world.

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