Comfort Zone

Welcome to [ comfort zone ].

This is home.

About brand

[ Home ] is where we most belong, where we feel at ease and surround ourselves with the people and things we love. But our bodies and souls also inhabit other homes given to us by [ our planet and our skin ]. We wish to protect them and make them healthy, vital and beautiful.

That is why our purpose is to create [ good life for all ]: skincare professionals, their clients and others whose worlds we share, however briefly.

Being a [ Certified B Corporation® ], we are committed to being the best for the world. In doing this, we envision a balanced approach to beauty, strive for sustainability and build relationships inspired by ethics.

As [ skin experts ], we help the skin’s ecosystem reach its optimal balance and vitality in an ever-changing environment, what we call [ the comfort zone of the skin ].

Following more than 20 years of [ constant research ] our laboratory now takes inspiration also from our Scientific Garden and delivers high-end, clean, result-driven, sustainable skincare, combining the best of science and nature for truly enriching and [ unique experiences ].

Our products are manufactured in our [ Davines Village ] in Parma, Italy. Our philosophy is [ conscious skin science ].

Welcome to [ comfort zone ]. This is home.

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  • face and body skincare
  • sunscreen
  • spa & professional
  • aromatherapy
90+ countries
distributors worldwide
20 years
of heritage in the spa industry with constant innovation
plants in our Scientific Garden, Davines Village open-air lab
Clean effective formulas

Conscious skin science and constant innovation

Over 40 scientists, with the support of a multidisciplinary Scientific Committee and International Universities, create:

  • clean, result-driven formulas
  • highly concentrated in natural-origin and high-tech ingredients
  • suitable for vegans
  • free from silicones, animal derivatives, mineral oil, artificial colorants, SLS. On a journey to remove all ethoxylates and acrylates.
  • clinically proven efficacy. Dermatologically tested.
A certified B Corporation®

Business as a force for good

In 2016 we have become a B Corporation®. This certification implies respecting the highest standards of performance, transparency and accountability to create value for the people and the planet. In 2020 we renewed our Certification with a score of 117.4/200. The goal was not only that of confirming the B Corp certification and carrying on our journey inside the most important global network of companies that adopt a sustainable business model. It is the confirmation that the Davines Group is committed every day to improve its positive impact on the environment and on the people.

Our regenerative approach

The Davines Group — Rodale European Regenerative Organic Research & Education Center in Parma includes:

  • 10-hectare area of land dedicated to regenerative organic farming
  • an agricultural research and education hub
  • This project will allow us to expand our supply of regenerative organic ingredients, while contributing to CO2 sequestration.

Heritage and history

[ comfort zone ] is a part of the Davines Group guided by Dr. Davide Bollati, a pharmacist and cosmetic chemist. His vision of Sustainable Beauty perfectly combines performance and sustainability. His regenerative approach to the people and the planet inspires our products and numerous environmental, cultural and social initiatives.

Founded in Parma, Italy in 1983 by the Bollati family, Davines Group started as a research laboratory, producing high-end products for renowned cosmetic companies worldwide.

After a decade of further developing our expertise, in 1996 we launched [ comfort zone ] skin care for premier spas and beauty salons. Our skin care offer expanded in 2018 with the new / skin regimen / brand. The Group is now a B Corp and has a multicultural team from all over the world and has an international presence in more than 90 countries. In addition to the headquarters in Parma — at the Davines Village — we have offices in New York, London, Paris, Mexico City, Deventer (Netherlands) and Hong Kong.

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