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We are passionate about innovating and undertaking to build a better and healthier future together. For you, for us, for all.

We celebrate life.

With innovative products and enterprising spirit, Cantabria Labs is today a brand of reference in dermatological prescription in Europe (leader in Spain, Italy and Portugal) and is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of people. With presence in over 80 countries, Cantabria Labs has become a company of international renown and support.

The production centers of Cantabria Labs achieve the highest quality standards for the annual manufacture and distribution of over 30 million units of product.

Today, it has the recognition of the Healthcare sector due to its innovations and scientific endorsements. The development is based on exclusive patented complexes Fernblock®, SCA®, IFC® CAF, Edafence®.

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80+ countries
distributors worldwide
30 mio.
product units /year
of turnover is invested in R&D annually
Research & development

The search for new ingredients, delivery systems, products and indications is the cornerstone of Cantabria Labs strategic development.

12% of Cantabria Labs turnover is re-invested in R&D development activity:

  • in-house research laboratories
  • partnership with leading international medical institutes and universities
  • collaboration with leading private-sector medical & biotech companies
  • All ingredients and products are extensively validated by in vitro and in vivo clinical trials published in leading international medical journals.

Exclusive patented ingredients

Fernblock® is a patented natural agent, extracted from the Polypodium leucotomos fern, which protects the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Cantabria Labs patented the technology over 20 years ago, after research by dermatologists at Harvard University and became a global pioneer in oral photoprotection thanks to this standardized extract.

Edafence® is the Deschampsia antarctica plant extract, which has properties that help combat aging by extrinsic factors, caused by environmental aggression and pollution, and by intrinsic factors.

SCA® Growth Factor Technology is an exclusive, patented technology, based on the secretion of the Cryptomphalus aspersa snail for skincare and regeneration.

IFC® CAF is an active ingredient isolated from the eggs of the Cryptomphalus aspersa snail, as concentrated doses of stem cells and growth factors. Its main effect is that of reestablishing the equilibrium in the division of stem cells and favoring its specialization to give rise to new skin cells.

RetinSphere® Technology is a combination of two retinoids that stimulates epidermal renewal and boosts the penetration of active substances, whose action smooths skin and favors a uniform tone.

AM3® Technology is a patented technology based on the association of a glucomannan and soya protein, which acts as immunomodulator by boosting and reinforcing the natural defense mechanisms, favoring milder symptoms, a rapid recovery and lower incidence of recurrent skin infections.

New eco-sustainable center

As a company dedicated to improving people’s health and quality of life, Cantabria Labs is also committed to improving the health of the planet. With the new center at La Concha (opened in 2019) as a banner of eco-sustainability and the pharma firm’s ongoing work to improve its procedures across factories, offices and product development, Cantabria Labs does not rest in its environmental endeavors.

93% of the total electrical energy consumed in product manufacturing at Cantabria Labs come from renewable sources.

The 38,000 m2 of green space around the La Concha center offsets 100 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

Heritage and history

The history of Cantabria Labs is the story of a dream come true thanks to the effort, dedication and entrepreneurship of the people and family that make up this pharmaceutical company with a close spirit but an important international dimension.

The company started its first steps in dermatology in 1989 with headquarters in Madrid (Spain). And in 1995, Cantabria Labs pioneered the field of oral photoprotection worldwide after research in collaboration with Harvard University.

Today, the brand is recognized in the healthcare sector, thanks to its innovation and scientific research, which takes place in its own Cantabria Labs laboratory in Santander (Spain).

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