VLAEKAN trains
consulting specialists to work with leading cosmetic brands.
  • Flexible system of training events in online and offline formats
  • Online learning information platform with 24/7 access
  • Annual certification of consulting specialists on leading brands
3 steps to success
Our coaching staff includes highly qualified specialists from cosmetology and dermatocosmetology. We also invite international trainers, speakers and experts from different countries to conduct training events.
1 step
Build your knowledge base along the main lines. Find out what sets us apart for continued success.
  • Self-study on an online platform with 24/7 access
  • Consolidation of the mastered material in the form of tests
  • Professional expert sessions in the format of webinars
  • Digital educational calendar
  • Support at every stage
2 step
Expand your knowledge in theory and in practice in order to achieve the highest professionalism.
  • Expert Talks on separate lines (practical expert sessions)
  • Only the most valuable knowledge, interactive sessions and Q&A
3 step
Designed for experienced professionals who have successfully completed both BASICS and PRE-ADVANCED levels. Increase your level of expertise by optimizing your knowledge.
  • Professional offline sessions with an expert
  • Practical workshops and interactivity
  • Certification and awarding
  • Certification and awarding
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